L(a)unch Party

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A guide for Co-creation

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We started as Connectors Malmö, and we are now The Connectors Society. 

Since 2012 we've been experimenting with collective intelligence applied to change. Freshly arrived to Sweden, fully grassroots, volunteer and embracing the DIY culture. We are driven by the idea that whatever we are into, we can use it for the common good. So we've been creating spaces and events to share knowledge, finding ways to co-create physical spaces and basically experimenting and learning a lot. 

And now, we want to take the next step, and grow a bit more but we need more resources. And the thing is, we want to remain independent because it's key to keep our work fully innovative and creative without any boundaries. 

So we need your help! We want you to join us! We need some help turning 3 years of learnings into an open source tool kit for people and cities to co-create shared spaces. We are hoping to self publish the book and collaborate with several artists and friends to make a beautiful tool. We want to go and try out the methodology in different places, open new pop up spaces around the world and keep experimenting with more people and new places. 

We need you! Come join us for a L(a)UNCH event where we will show you our video and press "LAUNCH" while having lunch* with you. 

Invite your friends and all those that you feel will appreciate being there in such an important moment for us. 

Thank you!
The Connectors Society

Making the video for The Crowdsourced City. Coming up next week 15/3 on Kickstarter.

Posted by The Connectors Society on Thursday, 10 March 2016